Book Review- Turtles All The Way Down

tatwdTurtles All The Way Down is simply amazing. It is a true tribute to those suffering from a severe mental illness and an eye-opener to those that don’t.

Aza Holmes is caught in a spiral- an ever-tightening helix of thoughts and emotions that never seem to cease. So when the opportunity arises to earn $100 000 for finding the  fugitive billionaire Russell Pickett, Aza is too wrapped up in her own thoughts to care. After the insistent pushing of her best friend Daisy, though, she obliges, and soon is sucked into her past with Pickett’s eldest son, Davis.

As Aza tries to gain control of her own head, she finds herself struggling to keep the pieces of her life from falling apart completely.

One thing I found very interesting about this book is her metaphor about spirals, which are representative of her thoughts’ tight grip on her daily life and how that affects her as a person; I found it very original.

I also found her general musings and views on life very and interesting, particularly on pages 1-2 and also 11-12 where she documents her views on the lack of control teenagers have in their lives and how schools leave no space for creativity and expression, but stifle imagination.

This classic to-be is heart-wrenching, thought-provoking and unmissable.

I hope you enjoyed this (slightly lengthy! 😉 ) post.

Hawi xx

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