Book Review- Heartless

heartlessThe saddest kind of book is when you already know it’s a sad ending, and we all know the Queen of Hearts. But what was her story before she became the tyrant she is known as today?

Lady Catherine Pinkerton is a sweet young girl with a dream to open a bakery with her best friend and maid Mary Ann. But when the King of Hearts tries to propose to her, her life changes. She doesn’t want to be married to the giggly, coward of a king! As she hides away from his affections, she falls for the king’s entertainer, Jest. Her mother and father, however, are adamant to her fantasies and care not for her dreams or happiness. As the faint-hearted king makes no attempt to save the village of Hearts from the beastly Jabberwock, Cath finally decides she’s had enough. She runs away to the warring city of Chess with Jest, in search of a new life. But things go wrong on the way, and in her Heart she knows she cannot escape the fate that waits her.

Murderer, Martyr, Monarch, Mad.

This book is absolutely heartbreaking. It ripped me to pieces by how sad it was. It really gives a new perspective on the Queen of Hearts and her life before her fearful rule, and what caused it.

I would recommend this to anyone at all, it’s so good.

Book Review- The Lonliest Girl in the Universe

The Lonliest Girl

What happens when your parents accidentally conceived on a spaceship, only to die, leaving you, an unlikely tween, alone in space?

Romy Silvers is now the only person on The Infinity, a spaceship headed for what is said to be a life-supporting planet after her parents, and everyone else aboard dies due to a fatal mistake in the system.

So when she discovers that another ship has been sent, she is elated. She communicates with the captain, a boy called J. Romy finds herself falling for him, but can you love someone you don’t know? Are there worse things than being alone?

I really enjoyed reading this; there were some parts where my sides ached from laughter and others where skin crawled with the skillful tension towards the end. It was just a thriller, and something different from all the other books.

Book Review- Who Runs the World?

Who Runs the WorldWho Runs the World?

A very serious question that deserves a very intelligent answer. It’s hard to believe that a single book could encompass all aspects of such a deep question, but Bergin dives right in and skillfully weaves the story where women do actually run the world.

The teenagers of today’s world are ‘grandmummas’ when this story occurs. After a deadly virus has wiped out all males, the female population have ‘grieved, pulled together and moved on’. They have made a new society, new laws, and are happy. So when 14-year-old River stumbles across a boy, everything the women have established, all the information they took as the truth, crumbles around them.

The story was really beautiful and interesting. I really like books that have different laws, government systems and structure than us and here is one. It has really made a name for itself, despite only being published in 2017, and I hope you take the time to read it.

Book Review- The Host

The HostThe Host. Doesn’t that sound really ominously cool? Like the kind of book where some alien species that look like silver worms invade Earth and inject themselves into their human Hosts? If yes, then either you’ve read the book or you have an insanely inhuman talent allowing you to analyse the full plot of the book based on the title and front cover. I seriously wish I could have that power; I could just look at a book and see if I was going to like it or not. That would really come in handy with all the crappy plots that are being weaved by over-confident writers. Ah, well.

Anyways, The Host is about a specific soul. She is known as Wanderer; she has visited more worlds that souls have taken over than most others of her kind. She then comes to Earth, where her host is Melanie Stryder. A host is basically the body of the native species on that planet that the soul is using to get around.The Hosts are not meant to be aware, they are not dead but have merely been replaced by another being. But Melanie is different. She can talk to Wanderer, give her dreams and share her memories. At first, Wanderer is terrified, but as she discovers more about Melanie, she is willing to risk everything for the humans she meets.

And on a very dramatic, reality-TV style plot twist, they are both in love with the same man. Oooh, I know.

I would recommend this to anyone who is a) a human and b) has a brain.

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Hawi xx

Book Review- The Potion Diaries

The Potion Diaries No. 1

This wonderful book by Amy Alward captures the life of a feisty young potion maker’s apprentice.

Samantha Kemi and her family are struggling to hold up their small potions business, as their rivals ZoroAster megapharma company flourish under the favour of the public.

But when the Princess of Nova accidentally takes the potion that was supposed to be for her crush, Samantha has a chance to redeem herself at the Wilde Hunt for the ingredients of the antidote to the serious illness. Above that, her dashing opponent, Zain Aster, will also be compering and social media will be tracing her every move. Well, no pressure, then.

Perfect for lovers of adventure-romance YA.


Book Review- Crow Mountain

Crow MountainCrow Mountain is one of the best books I’ve ever read, up there with Ethan’s Voice (which I’ve also reviewed). Here’s a little about it:

Emily has lived her whole life trapped by her mother’s strict rules. On her way to her wedding, a horrible accident occurs, only she is saved by a local horse-trader, Nate.

Hope has lived her whole life overshadowed by her mother, Meredith, who has her life all planned out for her. She’s kept quiet about her dreams until she met Cal.

Little did these girls know their destinies are intimately entwined, and that they will fall in love in their battle for survival…

An amazing book that drew me in, broke my heart and then mended it.

Book Review- Percy Jackson

the lighning thiefI really loved this book!  The humour was overwhelming- my sides ached after reading the contents page!

The story is based around Greek Mythology and Percy, a troubled boy with ADHD and living with his repulsive stepfather and sweet but intimidated mum,  is imaginably surprised when he finds out he’s the son of a Greek god. As he embarks on a draining and exciting quest, he makes firm friends, but can he give Zeus back his lightning bolt before a WAR OF THE GODS ERUPTS?

This book was absolutely stunning. Anyone who hasn’t read it hasn’t lived. There is a whole series of these books just waiting for you to crack up over!

Book Review- Crimson Poison

crimson-poisonCrimson Poison is an action-packed novel based in futuristic Hong-Kong.

Natalie Walker is an orphan heiress of her parent’s game empire, worth millions. Her crooked aunt tries to get her filthy hands on all the money that’s rightfully Nat’s, while Nat herself is on the case to stop a criminal mastermind with plans of world domination.

It was fantastic! I  really enjoyed every moment and found it hilarious yet sombre. I would recommend this to, really, anyone who likes any of my other books I’ve reviewed.

Let me know what you think in the comments!

A Company of Swans

a-company-of-swans  This book is, without a doubt, a masterpiece. No words can explain quite how it leads your emotions on such a dance! I loved every moment and the description and twist in the tale is entirely unforeseen. Already, I have run out of words to talk about this stupendous story!

All else I can say is this: READ THIS BOOK!

Don’t forget to comment on this book once you’ve read it!


The Sisters Grimm

the-sisters-grimm Ever heard of the Brothers Grimm and their sinister stories? You haven’t? Be glad. For decades their spine-chilling tales have spooked people all over Britain.

This book brings back to life their unwieldy imagination with a modern twist. It is also humorous. Some of the jokes in this books are side-achingly funny. As you may have grasped, the book has quite a dark side to it, and fairy-tale stars you adored will turn traitor in the most interesting way…

An overall story success! I love it: the real world is very cleverly included- a masterpiece.

Do read this book- and try not to faint with fright!

I hope you enjoy it.