Book Review- The Princess Diaries

I must foreword this by making a very clear statement- The Princess Diaries series is not a normal chick-lit series. It is AMAZING. Not only does it have romantic elements, but also is very educational. Mia Thermopolis and her friends are all very opinionated and well-spoken individuals, and defy stereotypes for being teenagers and geeks. She should be an inspiration to all girls. Additionally, her views are not just complaints; she used her publicity to make issues that mattered to her known, like the cruel system of American high school and animal rights.

I am thrilled that there are books like this in the world. Simple things that adults wouldn’t think about twice are highlighted as issues for very valid reasons. The women in the story are equal to the men and there are no mindless idiots meandering here and there with nothing on their minds but romance (even Tina Hakim-Baba thinks about other things. Sometimes.).

Mia’s world is a wonderful and unique place and I really invite you (whether you’re an adult or teenager) to come and join the club. The only bad part is when it finishes and you just wonder what you are going to do with your life from that moment forward. Other than reading it again.

So, in case you haven’t realised, I RECOMMEND THIS BOOK TO ANYONE WITH A BRAIN.

I hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for reading.


Book Review- The State of Grace

The State of GraceThe State of Grace is one of the most beautiful books I’ve ever read. You don’t really get books about autism, and this one’s a gem.

Grace has Asperger’s. She sees the world a little differently to most people. She has an understanding best friend and a beautiful horse, and she’s happy. But when Grace kisses Gabe and things get strange at home, she loses her state of precarious calm. Suddenly everything is going wrong, and Grace needs to do something about it.

A wonderful novel about understanding and accepting people of all natures into our lives.

Book Review- Percy Jackson

the lighning thiefI really loved this book!  The humour was overwhelming- my sides ached after reading the contents page!

The story is based around Greek Mythology and Percy, a troubled boy with ADHD and living with his repulsive stepfather and sweet but intimidated mum,  is imaginably surprised when he finds out he’s the son of a Greek god. As he embarks on a draining and exciting quest, he makes firm friends, but can he give Zeus back his lightning bolt before a WAR OF THE GODS ERUPTS?

This book was absolutely stunning. Anyone who hasn’t read it hasn’t lived. There is a whole series of these books just waiting for you to crack up over!

Book Review- Geek Girl Series

geek girl 1 This is quite a special book. Pictured on the left is the first book in the stunning GEEK GIRL series!

I had previously seen this book in the library but never actually got round to reading them until my friend recommended them.

Harriet Manners, a socially inept and geeky fifteen-year-old, struggles to fit in at school, especially as she is prey to the school’s bully, Alexa.

It was amazing. Holly Smale blends endless teenage troubles into these stylish and sassy series. I would recommend to anyone who likes heartfelt, enjoyable novels about friendship and family. Enjoy embracing your inner geek!

Series order:

  • Geek Girl
  • Geek Girl- Model Misfit
  • Geek Girl- Picture Perfect
  • Geek Girl- All That Glitters
  • Geek Girl- Head Over Heels
  • Geek Girl- Forever Geek