Book Review- Clean

CleanIt’ s a dirty business getting clean.

Clean is just one of those books that grabs you, and doesn’t  really let go. I found myself thinking about the lives of the characters, and how messily and yet beautifully their lives intertwine, and patch into place.

Lexi doesn’t think she is a drug addict. She just does it for fun. Her brother Nikolai, however, doesn’t share the same opinion, and when she almost overdoses, she leaves him with no choice but to send her to Clarity, a discreet, secluded centre for addicts. As Lexi grows to feel comfortable there, she meets other inmates- a set of young adults who each have problems- and secrets- of their own, but still manage to create a lifelong friendship and aid each-other in recovery.

I thought that this book was so poignant and beautiful; I was very much attached to the various characters and how they moved forward, leaving their security behind them.

This book in three words: Self-Worth – Insecurity – Growing


Hawi xx