Book Review- Finding Sky

Finding Sky

Have you ever been to a library, seen a book, and, almost on impulse, picked it up? Even if you have no idea if you’ll like it? That’s how you find the best books. That’s what happened here with Finding Sky.

My school library is wonderful. Everyone is blissfully silent and bookworms like me can wander around freely. I was walking by a shelf when this book caught my eye. The thing about this whole process is that you don’t know why- it just does. Anyways, I picked it up and I was amazed. It was like my brain knew exactly which books to select and my hands obeyed. I was utterly absorbed in the tangled world of Savants.

Sky Bright is a Londoner with a dark past. When she and her foster parents move to Colorado, America, Sky meets Zed, a brooding and utterly irresistible guy in her year. After a weird football match, Zed and Sky start a relationship, but this is no ordinary love…

This book is my favourite book right now and fear not, because it’s in a SERIES!!!!!!

This book in three words: TOTAL KILLER PLOT

I really hope you guys read this book because it is the actual best and I love it so so much,