Book Review- Flawed

FlawedFlawed is, I believe, an extremely relevant book to modern society. As you may have derived from other blog posts, my favourite genre is dystopian, and I found that this book was exactly that.

The Guild, a futuristic government, holds a court trial whenever an action is deemed morally corrupt and charges the offender with one or more brands, differing according to the severity of the act. These people are Flawed.

Celestine North, the protagonist, stands up to the Guild for the first time after a lifetime of respect towards them.  The consequences of her humane actions loom ahead of her as she fights for freedom.

I have no words to describe how moving and thought-provoking this book was. This book needs to be recognised much more and I can guarantee that you will fall in love with it.

Also, it has a sequel- Perfect, where the fight for justice continues.