Book Review- Paper Butterflies

If there was one book I could give to every single person in the world, one book to share with everyone, it would be Paper Butterflies. It is absolutely breathtaking, it will make your heart break and your eyes weep and your mind think. There areĀ  honestly very few words that have been invented to describe the pure genius this book has been written with, but I will do my best to capture it. I’m not really much of a crier bu t this book had me sobbing like a baby.

June’s life is a brutal one- when her dad is home, all seems well. When he leaves, though, she is at the non-existing mercy of her stepmother, a white woman who despises everything about her, from her corkscrew curls to her dark skin. Then June meets Blister, a boy from a loud, loving family. When she is with him, she feels free, almost like she can fly away from her house, only to be dragged back to reality every time she has to walk away. Scared stiff of the consequences, June has never told anyone about her dangerous reality. For how much longer can a paper butterfly stand underneath the immense weight of it all before it tears?

I am imploring you to read this book. It is currently my favourite book and Lisa Heathfield is truly a gifted and unique writer.

Thank you for reading and see you next time!


Book Review- The Flight of a Starling

The Flight of a Starling

Rita and Lo are sisters. They are closer than closer than close; they can tell each other everything. Lo loves dancing high on the trapeze, feeling as if she were on top of the world. Then Lo meets a boy, and suddenly, all she wants to do is stay on the ground. As dark truths and ugly secrets slowly tear her apart, how far would Lo go to stay grounded?

Flight of a Starling is a raw, uncultured hurricane of the confusing emotions of teenagerhood, with a backdrop of a flamboyant, colourful circus, but the reader gets a deep and true insight into the people behind the greasepaint as well.

In this harrowing story of happiness, love, pain and realisation, the reader is sure to be hit hard with barrels of deep and unfiltered emotion.