Book Review- Girlhood


Sugars and Spice and Scars for Life.

I’ve always loved books that are about female friendship. There is just something so relatable about them, and that always helps in understanding and liking a book.

After her twin Jenna dies from anorexia nervosa, Harper decides to fulfil their childhood dreams and go to boarding school. She makes new friends, and she is happy.

Then she meets Kirsty, a new girl at Duncraggan Academy, who understands her in the way that the others couldn’t; she’d lost a sister, too. But as Harper and Kirsty become closer, more and more strange things appear about Kirsty as she tries to surface from a tangle of lies. Their friendship affects everything around them and unearths their darkest secrets and their deepest pains. Under the enormous strain of guilt and grief, will their friendships survive?

Something interesting about this book is that you don’t find ou the main character’s name for a while. Instead of finding that frustrating, I thought that was pretty interesting because it shows  Harper is so engrossed and possibly overshadowed by her twin that she forgets about herself most of the time.

I really loved it and recommend it if you like YA friendship books.


Book Review- Under Rose-Tainted Skies

Under Rose-Tainted SkiesAs shameful as it is, before reading this beautiful book, I had NO IDEA what agorophobia was. I remeber asking a school librarian, pronouncing it ‘a-goro-phobia’ instead of ‘agro-phobia’. He laughed an explained that it was a fear of ‘outside’, and I was compelled in a way I haven’t been in a long time. I’m not scared of a lot of things; bring on the spiders, snakes and clowns, so I thought it would be really interesting to try it out. And wow, did I treasure that decision.

Norah has agorophobia, and has lived in the four walls of her house for a long time. The only time she ever goes out is when she needs to see her therapist, and it usually doesn’t end well. Combine that with and OCD neat-freak, and you have a withdrawn, confusing/confused teenager who contributes to the outside world by staring out of her window and scrolling through social media.

So when Luke, a sweet, hot boy arrives next door, Norah is shocked to realise he sees past her mental health and obsessive tidiness. He sees a beautiful, intelligent and witty girl who is worth waiting for, but what will it take for Norah to see herself the way he does, and fully accept how she feels about him?

It was a wonderful, lyrical journey through a path rarely taken, and its uniqueness is both shocking and stunning.

Hope you enjoyed,

Hawi xx

Book Review- Heartless

heartlessThe saddest kind of book is when you already know it’s a sad ending, and we all know the Queen of Hearts. But what was her story before she became the tyrant she is known as today?

Lady Catherine Pinkerton is a sweet young girl with a dream to open a bakery with her best friend and maid Mary Ann. But when the King of Hearts tries to propose to her, her life changes. She doesn’t want to be married to the giggly, coward of a king! As she hides away from his affections, she falls for the king’s entertainer, Jest. Her mother and father, however, are adamant to her fantasies and care not for her dreams or happiness. As the faint-hearted king makes no attempt to save the village of Hearts from the beastly Jabberwock, Cath finally decides she’s had enough. She runs away to the warring city of Chess with Jest, in search of a new life. But things go wrong on the way, and in her Heart she knows she cannot escape the fate that waits her.

Murderer, Martyr, Monarch, Mad.

This book is absolutely heartbreaking. It ripped me to pieces by how sad it was. It really gives a new perspective on the Queen of Hearts and her life before her fearful rule, and what caused it.

I would recommend this to anyone at all, it’s so good.

Book Review- Stargazing For Beginners

Stargazing For BeginnersSometimes life needs a little bit of chaos…

15-year-old Meg(ara) has big dreams- donning a spacesuit and climbing aboard a rocket to the stars is all she’s ever wanted, so when a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity surfaces that may just bring her closer to her life’s dearest goal, her mother leaves her and her baby stepsister, Elsa, to go after another one of her Big Important Causes in the hands of her slightly nutty grandfather to go to aid the poor in Myanmar.  Instead of speaking to judges about just how much she loves space up against her equally passionate rival , she ends up juggling the pressure of school and her restless baby sister. Will she ever reach the stars?

A beautiful, crazy book about love, priorities and dreams. I really loved it because it was a bit different to other books you might find; I thought it was lyrical and sweet in an unusual but satisfying way.

Book Review- The State of Grace

The State of GraceThe State of Grace is one of the most beautiful books I’ve ever read. You don’t really get books about autism, and this one’s a gem.

Grace has Asperger’s. She sees the world a little differently to most people. She has an understanding best friend and a beautiful horse, and she’s happy. But when Grace kisses Gabe and things get strange at home, she loses her state of precarious calm. Suddenly everything is going wrong, and Grace needs to do something about it.

A wonderful novel about understanding and accepting people of all natures into our lives.

Book Review- Letters to the Lost

Letters to the Lost

The plot of this book is actually insane. A lot of writers would struggle to produce such a complex yet entirely enjoyable book, but Kemmerer has pulled it off with great ease.

Juliet has been going through some tough times. After her mother’s death, her only solace is writing letters at her grave. Her life takes a turn for the intriguing, however, when a mysterious boy writes back. Their mutual attraction grows and soon they are sharing their innermost secrets with strangers. Except they’re not, and as their anonymous love intertwines with their real ones, a dark secret surfaces that could destroy them both.

This book is a massive success, I would recommend to any dreamy romantics out there 😉

Book Review- The Lonliest Girl in the Universe

The Lonliest Girl

What happens when your parents accidentally conceived on a spaceship, only to die, leaving you, an unlikely tween, alone in space?

Romy Silvers is now the only person on The Infinity, a spaceship headed for what is said to be a life-supporting planet after her parents, and everyone else aboard dies due to a fatal mistake in the system.

So when she discovers that another ship has been sent, she is elated. She communicates with the captain, a boy called J. Romy finds herself falling for him, but can you love someone you don’t know? Are there worse things than being alone?

I really enjoyed reading this; there were some parts where my sides ached from laughter and others where skin crawled with the skillful tension towards the end. It was just a thriller, and something different from all the other books.

Book Review- Who Runs the World?

Who Runs the WorldWho Runs the World?

A very serious question that deserves a very intelligent answer. It’s hard to believe that a single book could encompass all aspects of such a deep question, but Bergin dives right in and skillfully weaves the story where women do actually run the world.

The teenagers of today’s world are ‘grandmummas’ when this story occurs. After a deadly virus has wiped out all males, the female population have ‘grieved, pulled together and moved on’. They have made a new society, new laws, and are happy. So when 14-year-old River stumbles across a boy, everything the women have established, all the information they took as the truth, crumbles around them.

The story was really beautiful and interesting. I really like books that have different laws, government systems and structure than us and here is one. It has really made a name for itself, despite only being published in 2017, and I hope you take the time to read it.

Book Review- The Host

The HostThe Host. Doesn’t that sound really ominously cool? Like the kind of book where some alien species that look like silver worms invade Earth and inject themselves into their human Hosts? If yes, then either you’ve read the book or you have an insanely inhuman talent allowing you to analyse the full plot of the book based on the title and front cover. I seriously wish I could have that power; I could just look at a book and see if I was going to like it or not. That would really come in handy with all the crappy plots that are being weaved by over-confident writers. Ah, well.

Anyways, The Host is about a specific soul. She is known as Wanderer; she has visited more worlds that souls have taken over than most others of her kind. She then comes to Earth, where her host is Melanie Stryder. A host is basically the body of the native species on that planet that the soul is using to get around.The Hosts are not meant to be aware, they are not dead but have merely been replaced by another being. But Melanie is different. She can talk to Wanderer, give her dreams and share her memories. At first, Wanderer is terrified, but as she discovers more about Melanie, she is willing to risk everything for the humans she meets.

And on a very dramatic, reality-TV style plot twist, they are both in love with the same man. Oooh, I know.

I would recommend this to anyone who is a) a human and b) has a brain.

See you next post!

Hawi xx

The Best Headcanons of All Time :)

Hey everybody!

Today we’re doing something a little different. Ever heard of book headcanons? If yes, skip this little intro and skip straight to the juice (this is for amateurs 😉 )

So, headcanons are basically comments, realisations and side-stories about various different (mostly well-known) books. Generally, it’s the magical ones- like Harry Potter or Percy Jackson- or the dystopian books- like Divergent or the Hunger Games. Some books get the credit because of the movie version’s cast, like The Fault In Our Stars.

I hope you enjoy my best batch o’ heady canons (Ahem. Excuse me.)! 😉


Mortal Instruments meets Divergent meets The Hunger GamesDivergent mixed With Harry Potter and oh, why do I botherDivergent meets Hunger Games meets Percy Jackson  TFIOS meets Divergent When You Shellshock Your Math TeacherI CAN RELATE.COM These are AWESOME

And last but not least ( I saved this one because this is a mirror image of me in headcanon form):


For all People With Serious Personality Disorder Involving Subject Thinking that they are from a Futuristic World that categorises people into Personality Groups

Books Involved in these Headcanons:

  • The Hunger Games (which I WILL get round to reviewing)
  • Percy Jackson
  • Harry Potter
  • The Mortal Instruments (I haven’t read them yet but here’s hoping I can get them soon)
  • Divergent Series
  • The Fault in Our Stars

These are my favourite books EVER. I really hope you enjoy reading them!