Book Review- Allegiant

AllegiantAllegiant is the last in the amazing Divergent trilogy.

The faction-based society that once ruled Tris’ life is shattered. Chaos reigns, and the struggle for power continues.

Then Tris is offered a job. She must go out of the boundaries she’s known, out of the confines of the factioned world she once knew, and straight into the unknown. Maybe she and her boyrfriend Tobias will find peace and hope, there in the unknown. They could build a life for themselves.

But what waited for her on the other side was not what she had expected. Memories she had treasured, people she had loved, were cast away with the new tornado of truth that she faced. She faced impossible choices of love and sacrifice in the last book of an electric series.

This is a must-read for anyone, anyone at all. It is just amazing.